Litigation and Labor


Our Litigation practice covers the full range of dispute resolution and mediation, including civil, criminal, administrative, commercial, election mediation and litigation, and special proceedings, inclusive of appellate practice.  In addition, our practice also covers litigation actions in the field of Family Law, such as action of nullity of marriage, legal separation, actions for support, adoption, custody of minors, etc.

Our Labor practice encompasses the full array of issues dealing with employment; among which are employment contracts, labor and occupational health and safety standards, workplace compliance, workplace discrimination, employment severance or termination, employee misconduct, employment policies, retirement plans and benefits, corporate downsizing, collective bargaining negotiations and settlement of industrial disputes.

Our extensive litigation practice has provided value-added service for our labor practice.  Labor disputes before the proper tribunals (Labor Arbiters and National Labor Relations Commission) are more effectively managed by lawyers who are well-versed in the intricacies of evaluation and usage of evidence, argumentation, and written advocacy.

Our election law practice ranges from pre-election and campaign consultations to vote-protection activities, to post-election controversies.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to assist clients in a myriad of matters involving family law (annulment of marriages, adoption, guardianship, settlement of estates, etc.); civil, commercial and corporate law (intra-corporate disputes, bankruptcy, dissolutions, foreclosures, insurance, collection, etc.); criminal law (frauds, white-collar crimes, e-commerce, anti-graft practice, etc.); real estate law (land registration, land and boundary disputes, agrarian reform and tenancy, land use and occupation, etc.); and, election law.  As such, the partners and associates have had the honor to appear before various trial courts, commissions, agencies, regulatory boards, and more significantly before the House of Representative Electoral Tribunal (HRET), Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), Congress and even the Supreme Court.

Other Fields of Legal Practice

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