The TRAPS Benefit

Peace of mind. Anywhere in the world, individuals and corporations aspire to protect their lives, investments, and properties. Maintaining such treasures in the new global economy, however, requires a comprehensive solution to stave off pilferage, intrusion, infringement and confusion.

At TRAPS, we secure your people, assets and future. TRAPS is a professional organization primarily engaged in the protection, maintenance and investigation of violations of intellectual property rights. Trademarks, copyrights, and patents are often the targets of infringers and modern-day pirates. At TRAPS, our mission is to catch such violators, bring them to justice, and secure for our clients the protection and enjoyment of their valuable intellectual properties.

The TRAPS Advantage

We have a significant experience at investigating violations of intellectual property rights. Our seasoned management officers have a unique qualification – they are Filipino lawyers who have a solid background in the practice of intellectual property law, specializing in intellectual property rights litigation and enforcement. Thus, our clients are assured that their intellectual properties are properly protected, maintained and enforced within the legal boundaries.

On the other hand, our para-legal investigators have several years of combined experience in the field of para-legal investigative work. They have performed work for leaders in the industries of food and beverages, personal hygiene, diapers, liquor and spirits, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, computers, electronics, clothing apparel, jeans, footwear, television, textbooks, detergent, department stores, insurance, manpower and human resources, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), among others.

Since its organization in 2001, TRAPS has performed, on behalf of its clients, numerous researches, market surveys, surveillance, investigation, and enforcement actions in coordination either with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) or the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Particularly, TRAPS was instrumental in the detection and determination of counterfeit footwear and clothing apparel products that led to simultaneous suppression actions against at least ten (10) establishments. We likewise conducted surveillance, investigation and enforcement actions against counterfeit diapers, counterfeit automotive parts, pirated television programs; counterfeit fuel stations infringing on the trademarks of one of our leading oil companies; counterfeit tarpaulins; illegally-refilled/counterfeit LPG products; and illegally-refilled/counterfeit motor oil products. Moreover, we have performed surveillance, investigation, and market research services for clients who are pioneers and/or leaders in computers, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, LPG products, motor oil products, writing instruments, courier services, clothing apparel, jeans, footwear, socks, insurance, manpower and human resources, and department store/mall operations.

With TRAPS, our clients, therefore, are in good hands.

The TRAPS Key Officers

TRAPS is ably managed by its President, Genesis M. Adarlo, Esq. and its directors, Vicente O. Caoile, Jr., Esq., and Francisco G. Joaquin, III, all of whom are members of the Philippine Bar.

Suite 2501 and 2403, The Atlanta Centre, 31 Annapolis Street Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1502

Phone: (632) 723-1241 / (632) 723-3041
Fax: (632) 723-3194