TRAPS Fee Structure

For the broad range of services, strategies and solutions that TRAPS offer, we ordinarily apply the following daily rates (subject to change with prior notice):

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Location Daily Rate
Within Metro Manila Php 3,000.00 per man-day
Outside Metro Manila Php 3,000.00 per man-day

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One (1) man-day consists of one (1) investigator performing the engagement for twelve (12) hours.

The aforestated amounts exclude out-of-pocket expenses such as photocopying, transportation, meals, airfare, board and lodging, government fees and other related costs, which are for the account of our clients. Nevertheless, all out-of-pocket expenses shall be properly liquidated and accounted for.

For intellectual property work, we also offer market survey services and surveillance, investigation and suppression services on a per package basis, whereby we ordinarily charge our clients based on progress billing, payable as follows:

  • Initial Surveillance and Filing of Letter-Complaint – 15%
  • Verification and Test-buy – 15%
  • Search Warrant Application Proceedings – 30%
  • Actual Raid Operations – 30%
  • Post-Raid Activities – 10%

The foregoing billings shall be paid upon the submission of periodic reports pertaining to the outcome of each stage of surveillance, investigation and suppression services that will be performed by TRAPS. 


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