We offer a broad range of services, strategies and solutions to help manage, maintain, protect and secure our clients’ intellectual property portfolio. As part of our commitment to safeguard the interests of intellectual property rights owners and licensees, we provide the following:

  • Examination and study of our client’s existing intellectual property rights;
  • Evaluation and research of the ways and means by which such intellectual property rights are, or may be, violated;
  • Survey and assessment of the degree and extent of any violation of such rights;
  • Confirmation and gathering of evidence necessary for the prosecution of any civil or criminal case against such violators;
  • Assistance to law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies, for their further investigation and, if warranted, apprehension and prosecution of violators by virtue of governmental writs and processes;
  • Storage and preservation of evidence gathered in the course of investigation; and
  • Assistance in the service of governmental writs and processes, for further presentation in court proceedings, whether civil or criminal, against such violators.

Ancillary to the foregoing, we likewise provide investigation, surveillance and information-gathering services for purposes of background information, risk management, and other special projects.


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